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Approving and Rejecting Scanned QR Code Attendance

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This article will show how to approve or reject attendance from learner’s scanning a QR code. This article is designed for instructors or CSU Learn administrators who approve attendance requests.

Need to Know

  • You can approve / reject attendance requests via the SumTotal Mobile app or through a native browser on your computer
  • Instructors will need to have the instructor role / permissions to be able to approve and reject attendance
  • If using approvals, please communicate to the learners that approvals will take place prior to completions appear on their learning transcript
  • QR Code properties will need to be enabled with the setting “Require a user with roster access to approve the learner’s scanned attendance before they’re marked complete” enabled for this workflow to work

The SumTotal mobile app is not required for users to download. Administrators and Instructors cannot require users to download the app to their personal device. By downloading the app, the user recognizes the use of a personal device to perform work / compliance related actions.

Mobile Attendance Approvals

Approving and Rejecting Scanned QR Code Attendance

1. Login to the SumTotal Mobile App

2. Click the menu on the top left

3. Click Instructor Schedule. If you do not see an instructor schedule button, contact your campus LMS administrator for assistance.

4. Find the activity and click Roster. Note, you may have to click on upcoming or previous if the class has not happened or was a class in the past.

5. Click Pending Approvals. If the activity requires attendance approval, this button displays as soon as the first learner scans their attendance for the activity. (Skip this step if approvals are not enabled).

6. From the Pending approvals form you can:

  1. Review and update a learner’s approval status. Every learner is "Marked for Approval" by default. Click Submit to approve attendance. "Attended" and "Completed" will appear on the roster

If the activity is set up as an ILT Course with an offering (ILT Class), the learner can only be marked once for completion. They cannot be marked for multiple offerings under the same parent ILT course (an error of registration blocked will appear).

b. Click the three vertical dot menu to change the user’s status to Rejected if needed. Approved learners will be marked Click submit to reject their attendance. Rejected learners see no change to their roster statuses.

Use the Search field to find specific users. You can search for users by first name, last name, username, or email.

If an instructor rejects approval, the user will not be able to scan for completion again. The instructor or administrator will need to update their status directly on the roster.

7. Once submitted you cannot modify anyone’s approval status, but you can still modify their completion information from the main roster.

If a user does not scan to mark their attendance, instructors can update their status directly on the roster via the SumTotal Mobile app. Follow the steps below to update their attendance status.

8. To update details on the roster

  1. On the roster screen, check the box next to the user’s name
  2. Click the three vertical dot menu
  3. Click the Update Details button

d. The instructor can update the details of the user directly on the roster including status and status date.

9. If you need to remove someone from the roster, you can achieve this in the mobile app as well.

  1. Form the roster screen, check the box next to the user’s name you would like to remove
  2. Click on the three vertical dot menu
  3. Click Remove from the Roster

d. You will receive a success message once the user is removed from the roster.

QR Code Learner Status

The following instructions will allow instructors to see the status of learners including if they have been approved / rejected, the date the status was updated and when the learner scanned their attendance

  1. Login to the SumTotal Mobile App
  2. Click the menu on the top left

3. Click Instructor Schedule

4. Find the activity and click Roster.

5. Click “View Scanned Users”

6. From here, you can view the following details about the learners with approved scanned their attendance:

Status: The learner’s approval status (Approved or Rejected). If the activity did not require QR code attendance approval, the status is automatically Approved.

Approved learners are marked “Attended” and “Completed” on the roster, but there is no change to the registration status for rejected learners. You can use this page to determine if and how you wish to update these learners’ registration statuses (for example, to “No Show” or “Partially complete”).

Status date: The date the learner’s Status changed to its current value.

Scanned: When the learner scanned their attendance.

Using this information will assist in confirming attendance during the appropriate window and times as it relates to the time and date of the class.

Desktop Attendance Approvals

The following section will outline how to approve attendance via a desktop computer.

WARNING: This section will require administrative access or roster access (as an instructor) to be able to approve attendance

Approving Scanned QR Code Attendance (Desktop)

  1. Login to SumTotal
  2. Go to Administration > Quick Links > Learning Activities
  3. Search for the Activity
  4. Click the down arrow next to the EDIT button and click Manage Roster

5. Click the button “Attendance Approvals” (right hand side)

If the Attendance Approvals button does not appear, it means there are no pending approvals.

6. You will see all scanned users requesting approval. Use the Approval status drop down to approve or reject their status.

7. Use the Approval status drop down to approve or reject their status. Click Submit to perform the action

7. A prompt will appear, and you can Submit or Cancel your action. Click Submit to confirm your action.

8. A success message will appear at the top of the screen.

9. Use the breadcrumbs menu at the top or click Cancel to return to the Activity Roster with the learner’s updated status

Desktop approvals are a great option for instructors who cannot approve on a mobile device or administrators who will approve on their behalf.

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