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This article covers links to important resources, available content and frequently asked questions. 

Important Resources

Common Questions

What is the training portal (SumTotal/CSU Learn)?

SumTotal is a learning management system (LMS) (commonly referred to as CSU Learn) provided to all campuses across the CSU. This training platform allows campuses to assign risk-mitigating content, create instructor-led training offerings and track training requirements. The benefit to employees is the ability to consume content (eLearning, videos, eBooks) for personal and professional growth. For more information about CSU Learn, feel free to reach out to your campus via the Campus Contacts Article.

I just completed an activity, where do I print out my certificate?

All completed activities are available via the Transcript tile on the dashboard. Please refer to the How to Access Training Transcript Article.

I went to the transcript, but I do not see my completed activity, what do I do?

Make sure the drop-down for the date range is selected to “ALL” to see all completed activities. If you do not see a transcript record, go back to the activity and verify you completed all the requirements (quiz, visiting all content, acknowledging any policies) and close out the activity and wait for the page to refresh.

How do I view all my assigned training?

All assigned training can be viewed via the Training Analysis Page, regardless of when it is due. To access the Training Analysis page click Self > Quick Links > Training Analysis. For additional information see the Training Analysis Page article.

Self Menu expanded to Quick Links and Training Analysis button
I was taking a course and it will not advance to the next slide and/or the slide will not load.

Courseware issues can be difficult to troubleshoot and sometimes don’t have anything to do with the LMS itself. However, please contact your campus training administrator and let them know you are not able to advance in the course. Please provide the course name, and what section, module, or slide you are on to expedite troubleshooting. Screenshots are always appreciated! Please refer to the Campus Contacts Article.

Can I take my compliance training on my phone?

No, compliance content is not available via the SumTotal Mobile App, however, can be taken on a tablet via a native browser.

What is the preferred browser for taking courses in the training portal?

The preferred browsers are Chrome and Firefox due to their ability to handle HTML5 content. Less reliable browsers such as Edge, Safari, and Internet Explorer should be avoided if possible. For additional information regarding technical requirements for SumTotal, please refer to the Browser Requirements Article.

I clicked Start to launch the training and nothing happened, what do I do?

The most common problem for courses not launching is due to a pop-up blocker being enabled. Disabling your pop-up blocker will allow training to launch.

I launched the course, but when I navigated to a slide, it is just a blank page (nothing loads).

This is most likely a courseware issue, and possibly a flash issue where the slide tries to load, but can’t because the object is dependent on Flash. Most browsers will call out Flash with a prompt (cannot load, need to install Flash or something similar). Contact your campus training administrator. Please provide the course name, and what section, module, or slide you are on to expedite troubleshooting. Screenshots are always appreciated! Please refer to the Campus Contacts Article to contact your campus.

When I log in to complete a training it says that I am already attended with 100% score, do I need to take this course again?

Any time an activity is completed and needs to be retaken (or recertified) the latest attempt will appear on the activity details page. It will indicate “Attended” with the previous score. There will also be a banner at the top of the screen indicating that the activity needs to be taken again. The user will need to launch the course again (or Register again) to receive credit for the course. Most compliance related training needs to recertify on a cycle (For example every two years).

I am retired, on leave, or have separated from the university, why am I getting an email to take training?

Depending on the scenario, a few things could be happening:

  • Retired: If a user is retired, it could be that they’re technically an active employee (still being paid by the university or Emeritus) and though not working, but still have an active status in PeopleSoft
  • On Leave: Users on leave are still active employees as designated in PeopleSoft. The CSU does not have a standard practice to inactivate users based on leave statuses. Each campus training administrator will be able to answer questions specific to their leave policy.
  • Separated: Usually, cases of separated employees in PeopleSoft are found to have another job on campus which keeps their profile active AND / OR they have an active affiliation in the campus registry which keeps their profile active. Separations can also be delayed from when the employee separates and the information is entered into PeopleSoft.

Contact your campus training administrator for more information. Please refer to the Campus Contacts Article for more information.

Why do I have to take or retake this training?

All assigned compliance courses are supported by (but not limited to) the following guidelines:

  • Federal Law
  • State Law
  • OSHA or Cal/OSHA regulations
  • CSU Policy
  • Other governing bodies
  • Job duties and responsibilities

For more information regarding compliance requirements, please refer to the L&D compliance page.

I tried to log in and it said error processing tokens, what do I do?

Token errors usually indicate a missing piece of data when provisioning. Campus IT Help Desk would need to resolve this by verifying a CEPID is being passed through when authenticating.

Open a ticket with your campus. Please refer to the Campus Contacts Article for the correct e-mail address to submit your question.

Error while processing tokens error message.
I cannot see any content when I search the library.

If you are a new employee, there will be a 14-hour delay from when your account is created and when content is available. If you need immediate access to training content, contact your training administrator and request a “manual audience refresh” for your profile. Please refer to the Campus Contacts Article to initiate this request.

No content is displayed on the library.
I tried to log in and it says my account is inactive.

If your account is inactive it usually means that HR has not processed activation for your hire or rehire at the campus. Please contact Human Resources on your campus to verify that status of your account.

Once your information is inputted into PeopleSoft and effective start date has begun, it will take anywhere from 24-48 hours for you account to be active in the training platform.

User account does not exist in SumTotal system error message.
What happens if I try to log in while the platform is being upgraded?

You will not able to access learning activities during the upgrade and you will receive a message stating: We are in the process of upgrading your SumTotal Talent Expansion Suite from 22.3 to 23.1. The system will be available by [Completion Date].

Pardon the interruption. We are in the process of upgrading your SumTotal Talent Expansion Suite from 22.3 to 23.1. The system will be available by 18th March at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. Copyright 2023 Sumtotal Systems, LLC.

This concludes the FAQs article.

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