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Scanning a Learners QR Code as an Instructor

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This article will cover how an instructor can use the SumTotal mobile app to scan learner’s QR code to make them as attended. This might be used in situations where the instructor wants to confirm attendance in person without having to approve attendance or have attendance automatically mark as completed.

Need to Know

  • Instructors will need to have downloaded and know how to use the SumTotal mobile app
  • Learners will need to have downloaded and know how to show their personal QR code
  • Instructors will need to have the instructor role / permissions to be able to approve and reject attendance
  • There are no special configurations for this workflow, however, if the instructor plans to use this method, do NOT enable QR code approval properties at the activity level.
  • Instructors scanning a learner’s Profile QR Code will eliminate having to approve the attendance record.

The SumTotal mobile app is not required for users to download. Administrators and Instructors cannot require users to download the app to their personal device. By downloading the app, the user recognizes the use of a personal device to preform work / compliance related actions. As an alternative, administrators can mark users as completed on a desktop computer.

Scanning a Learner’s Profile QR Code

  1. Login to the SumTotal Mobile App
  2. Click the menu on the top left

3. Click Instructor Schedule. If you do not see an instructor schedule button, contact your campus LMS administrator for assistance.

4. Find the activity and click Roster. Note, you may have to click on upcoming or previous if the class has not happened or was a class in the past.

Only child activities can be marked as completed. Once completed it will roll up to the parent)

5. Click Scan. This will allow the instructor to scan the learners Profile QR Code to mark them as attended.

6. Once scanned, you’ll be prompted to mark attendance (Yes) or reject (No). If you select, no you can always rescan and click Yes to mark attendance.

7. Likewise, you can click on Pending approvals for any pending actions for users, depending on the QR activity properties

There is also a QR code available in the top left to be scanned via the instructors mobile device or downloaded to be posted and scanned.

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