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Learning Activity Decision Tree

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This article will cover which activity property to set based upon consideration questions.


  • The following guide will assist you on which activity property to set based upon the consideration questions below.
  • The mapping image will direct you to the correct activity to use based upon activity type, experience, and modality.
Property to set
Do my learners need to pass with a certain grade or complete a certain number of activities?
Properties > Grading and Completion
Do my learners need to take this activity periodically for compliance purposes?
Properties > Certifications
Have you decided to add links or is this a continuing education activity?
Related Activities
Do you need to input start dates, registration or cancelation deadlines or time zones?
Have you uploaded content (SCORM, PDF, etc.) or do you need to add a quick assessment?
Web Based Training
Do you want to allow users to register for the activity on their own, OR restrict registration abilities?
Registration > Availability
Do you want to simplify the registration process of a structured activity (such as a curriculum) by allowing one-click registration?
Registration > Availability
Do you need to restrict how many learners register for an activity?
Registration > Availability or Allocations
Do you need to restrict visibility or registration for this activity?
Registration > Audience
Do you decide to add pre-requisite links to your activity?
Registration > Prerequisites
Are you going to add an evaluation for your training?
Registration > Evaluations
Do you want to let learners to rate and / or comment on activities they've completed?
Registration > Rating
Will you need any physical resources like rooms, instructors, equipment or vendors?
Will this activity be linked to skills and competencies?
What notifications do you need to send to your learners about this activity?
How will you assign this training?
Management > Users, Orgs, Jobs, Audiences
Where will this activity be available?
Management > Domains
Would you like your learner to search for the training in the catalog?
Management > Categories
Do you need your managers to have privileges to add, edit or remove assignments for their employees?
Management > Manager Assignment Settings

The mapping image below is a flowchart of which activity type to use based upon predetermined questions.

Flow chart of which activity type to use.

This concludes which activity property to set.

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