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Principles of Supervision Bulk Import Attendance Instructions

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The following instructions show you how to filter the roster using participant emails to mark attendance in bulk, which is faster for large cohorts than manually scanning the roster and individually marking attendance.


Step 2: Type the name of the activity in the search bar under ACTIVITY MANAGEMENT

Administration Menu navigating to Learning Activities

Step 3: Navigate to your activity and click the dropdown arrow in the EDIT button on the right of the activity. In the dropdown menu, click MANAGE ROSTER

Learning activities page navigating to Manager Roster

Step 4: Once in the roster, click the ADVANCED button to filter the roster

Entering e-mail addresses

Step 5: In the new window, use the first radio button option to enter the email addresses of all users who are to be marked ATTENDED for that specific class

Step 6: Click NEXT button at bottom of window

Clicking next button to proceed

Step 7: In the new window, select the check box in the top row to select all users

If you bulk imported more than 10 users, you will need to use the navigation arrows to go to the next page and repeat the process of selecting the check box to SELECT ALL on each page of users.

Step 8: Press the OK button at bottom of the screen

Utilizing the seclect all button to highlight all users

You will be sent back to the MANAGE ROSTER view but now your roster is sorted to ONLY show the users whose emails you just input.

Step 9: Mark all users as ATTENDED:

  • Select the check box in the top row to select all users.
  • Change the STATUS to ATTENDED
  • Enter the attendance date
  • Change the COMPLETED status to YES

You can use this same process to bulk import the status of participants with PARTIAL or NO completion.

Step 10: Click APPLY in popup window to confirm change

While selecting all updating all recrods to atteneded

The STATUS of the filtered participants has now changed to ATTENDED

This roster is still filtered to only include the email addresses you entered. To remove the filter and view all registered users, click CLEAR SEARCH RESULTS

clear selection results to see all users on the roster
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