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How to Create Organizations

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This article covers how to create organizations. 

  • Organizations are groups of users based on employee data, assignment requirements, or other campus-defined data.
  • Adding users to Organizations is the CSU recommended way to assign users to activities.
  • Organizations can be used when creating audience rules. 
  • Currently, the CSU data import pushes campuses, departments, and bargaining units as organizations.
  • Administrators can create organizations to group assignments and other non-data import-related groups.

Creating Organizations

Step 1: Go to Administration > Quick Links > Organizations. 

Green step one is to click on the Administration dropdown. Green step two is to click on the Quick Links option. Green step three is to click on Organizations.

Step 2: Select the New button on the top right-hand corner, then select New Organization.

There is a green box and arrow showing the location of the New buttoon and New Organization dropdown.

Step 3: Fill out ALL the following information:

  1. Organization Name: Name
  2. Code/ID: DOMAINID-ASGN-XXXX (this code should only be used for manually created organizations). Please refer to Organization Codes for CSU-defined org code specifications imported nightly.
  3. Hierarchy Name: FUNCTIONAL
  4. Parent Organization: Attach it to Assignment Groups (ASGN). 
Green step one is to type in the organization name. Green step two is to type in the code. Green step three is to select the hierarchy. Green step four is to select the parent organization.

Newly created organizations should ONLY be used to create groups for assignments. Do NOT create organizations for data that is currently being pushed from the CSU’s nightly data import. For example, you should not create an organization for a department on campus, all departments are listed in CSU Learn.

If your organization does not meet the above groups, please contact CSU Learn Support to discuss a new organizational structure for your organization.

Step 4: Click the Save button when completed. 

There is a green box showing the location of the save button.

Organizational Codes

This is a manually-created organization designed specifically for migration of compliance-defined groups from Skillport to Sum Total. It may also be used to organize future automation.    

ID CSU Naming Convention

Data Import Code Types

Type ID CSU Naming Convention

Refer to the Learning Activity and Domain ID Codes article for more information about the Domain ID.

This concludes how to create organizations. Go to the following articles for more information on how to add and remove users from an organization.

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