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Backdoor Login

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This article covers how to login using a backdoor login.


  • Backdoor login is available to Admins ONLY.
  • Backdoor login is to be able to navigate, launch courseware as the user for troubleshooting purposes ONLY.
  • The backdoor login process is first initiated by creating a temporary password for the user.
  • Temporary passwords will reset nightly though the data import.

How to Login as a User

Step 1: Go to Administration > Quick Links > All Users.

Green step one is to click on Administration. Green step two is to click on Quick Links. Green step three is to click on All Users.

Step 2: Search for the user you would like to login as in the search bar.

Green highlight box showing the location of the search box.

Step 3: Search criteria can be: first name, last name, CEPID, e-mail address or partial name as the system will start populating as you type.

Step 4: Locate the user, click on the results so a mini-profile slider appears.

Green step one is to click on the user. Green step two is to see the user's profile. Green highlight box showing the mini-profile slider.

Step 5: Click on the name of the user hyperlinked in blue to see their profile details.

Green highlight box showing how to click on the blue hyperlinked.

Step 6: On the next page, click the Personal tab on the left hand panel, click User Account and Personal Details.

Green step one is to click on the Personal tab. Green step two is to click on the User Account and Personal Details.

Step 7: Set a temporary password. Click Save at the bottom of the screen.

Passwords must conform to the security settings (e.g., certain number of, letters, numbers and special characters. Setting a password does not affect the user’s login or SSO capabilities.

Green highlight box showing the location of the password field. Green highlight box showing the location of the save button.

Step 8: You will receive a Form successfully saved prompt.

Form successfully save window displayed.

Step 9: Open a new browser window (different browser or a private session in the current browser). The objective is to eliminate having two open sessions within the same active browser.

Step 10: Paste the backdoor login URL.

To request the backdoor login, please submit a request to CSU Learn. Only LMS Administrators are able to login to end user’s profiles. 

Backdoor login window displayed.

Step 11: Paste in the username and password into the login form and click on the SIGN IN button.

Type in the username and password.

Step 12: Once signed in, you are now this user and any actions in the LMS will be recorded as being that user.

This is only used for troubleshooting and assisting users if they are stuck in a course or are not able to navigate within the LMS. If you need to validate training or assignments, refer to the Emulation and User Data article.

User's homepage is displayed.

This concludes on how to log into the back door of an employee's account.

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