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This article covers how to log into CSU Learn from your email notification or the Training Platform.

Logging in From Your Email Notification

The Activity Link provided in your email notification will take you directly to the training.

Step 1: From your email notification, click on the Activity Link.

The email will come from [email protected] or a campus-specific email address. Go to Approved Campus Emails Article for more information.

Email notification that shows the course assignment and the activity link URL to access the training. There is a green arrow and green box showing where to click on the Activity link.

The steps and images below might look different, but the concepts should be similar from campus to campus.

Step 2: You will be taken to your campus authentication page, where you may be asked to select your campus or input your credentials to login.

California State University's CSU Login page. Select the dropdown to find the campus that you need to authenticate from. The dropdown list includes all twenty-four campuses. There is a green arrow and green box showing the location of the dropdown list.

Step 3: Click on the Login button.

From the California State University's CSU Login page, once the campus is selected, click on the red Login button. The example shows Chancellor's Office as the campus that is selected. There is a green arrow and green box showing the location of the red Login button.

Step 4: Sign in with your campus username and password.

Cal State Sign in page asking for the campus username and password fields. Employees will need to add their campus username and password before they click on the blue Sign in button.

Step 5: Your campus may have DUO enabled and you may need to authenticate.

California State University Duo athentication page. IOS device is selected and there is a green Send Me a Push button and a green Enter a Passcode button.

Using the link in your email will take you directly to the activity. You do not need to search for the activity.

Step 6: If this the first time you are taking a training, you will need to click on the Register button. If the course needs to be retaken it will show a Register Again button. You will need to click this button before you can see a Start button. Once registered click the Start button to launch the course.

The CSU Learn Training page showing the course that needs to be retaken. The Gender Equity and Title Nine course is the example. There is a green arrow and green box showing the location of the Register Again button.

Logging Directly into Training Platform (Homepage)

Step 1: You can log in directly into the training platform by clicking on the CSU Learn link.

Step 2: Follow Steps 2 - 6 in Logging in from your email notification to sign in.

Welcome to CSU Learn homepage. The homepage includes features like Assigned Learning, Recently Viewed Content, Transcript and Training Schedule.

This concludes how to log into CSU Learn. 

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