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How to Register a User for an Activity

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This article details how to register others in the roster.


  • Administrators can register users for any type of learning activity, but most commonly for ILT courses and ILT classes
  • If an activity is part of a curriculum, register at the user at the curriculum level which will also allow you to register for any child activities part of that curriculum
  • Registrations display on the learner’s timeline (accessible from Assigned Learning on the home page)
  • Users can self-register via the REGISTER button on any activity within SumTotal
  • Registering a user does NOT assign them to the activity (with due dates and notifications)

Step 1: Go to Administration > Quick Links > Learning Activities.

Green step one is Administration. Green step two is quick links. Green step three is learning activities.

Step 2: Search for the activity.

Green highlight box showing the location of the search box.

Step 3: Under the Actions column, click on the down arrow and select Manage Roster.

Green highlight box showing the location of the Edit button and the Manage Roster link.

You are not able to register the user at the child level if the activity is tied to a curriculum. Search for the curriculum and register the user for the curriculum AND child activity together.

Step 4: Click on the Add button.

Green highlight box showing the location of the add button.

Step 5: The Batch Registration page will appear and you will need to select the activity or child activity and click on the Continue button.

Green step one is to select the activity. Green step twp is to select the Continue button.

Step 6: You’ll see the Available Users window appear where you can choose the available users. Click on the Add button to be able to select which users to register. 

The Add button may appear inactive, but it takes a few seconds for the button to activate and to click it.

Green highlight box showing the location of the Add button under the Available Users section.

Step 7: You will have a few options on how to select your users (by domain, organization, job, audience, manager, or viewable users). Click on the radio dial next to Select viewable users and click on the Next button.

Best Practice: If you have more than a handful of users to register, it is best to use a list of CalStateEduPersionIDs (CEPIDs) separated by a comma in the select users box. If you only have a few users to add, use the select viewable users.

Green step one is to click on the radio dial for the select viewable users. Green step two is to click on the next button.

Step 8: Search for the user. Click on the checkbox next to their name and click on the Ok button.

Best Practice: When selecting users, you can search for a user and check the box next to their name. Then search for another user and check the box to their name. Each checked user will be saved so when you are done all the users searched for will appear on your list.

Green step one is to search for the user. Green step two is to check the box next to their name. Green step three is to click on the ok button.

Step 9: Once you’ve selected users:

  • Make sure there are no issues. If you see a warning sign in the Status column, click the icon for more info (e.g., the learner is already registered for this course).
  • Click the blue arrow to move selected users over to registration or the waiting list if there aren’t any available seats.
Green highlight box showing how to add users to the registration or waiting list feature.

Step 10: Once all users are either registered (or put on a waitlist), click on the Submit button.

Green highlight box showing the location of the Submit button.

Step 11: You will now see the user(s) with a registered status on the roster.

Green highlight box showing the user added.

 For more information on roster management, click on any of the articles.

This concludes how to add employees to the roster.

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