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The following documentation outlines how to utilize Boomi as an intermediary to make API calls to SumTotal. The process is overseen centrally with the Chancellor’s Office Data Infrastructure and Integration Services team. APIs are a great way to get information quickly and easily out of SumTotal and can be used in conjunction with other campus processes.

Need to Know

  • APIs are controlled centrally by the Chancellor’s Office and require access to the Developer Portal and Boomi
  • Only some APIs are exposed and additional APIs can be added by requesting through the systemwide LMS team.
  • We are only using GET APIs as a one way communication from SumTotal to Boomi. We do not POST or push information to SumTotal currently as it conflicts with other import processes.

Developer Portal

The APIs for SumTotal are available via the Developer Portal and there are a few exposed APIs to start retrieving data. There may be some work on the campus end to gain access. Please review the information below and will need to get campus IAM/SSO administrator involved to get developer portal access.

For the campus user to be able to login to the Developer Portal, their campus IAM/SSO admin would need to complete some configuration on their side to hook into our Developer Portal. Documentation and configuration details to set this up have been distributed to campus IAM admins via our own CO IAM team.

Once access to the developer portal has been confirmed, please review the following CSU API and API Endpoint Connectivity User Guide, which will outline how to navigate the developer portal and configuring endpoints.

CSU Learn Endpoints

Currently Boomi is exposing two separate GET APIs, SumTotal Activity Detail API and Activities API. The following documentation outlines the technical design and use cases for building these APIs. Additional APIs can been exposed at the request of the campus and approved by the systemwide LMS team.

SumTotal Integration - Functional and Technical Design

(Tip) If you are interested in learning more about APIs or would like to request to expose additional APIs, please contact the systemwide LMS team.

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