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Approved Campus Emails

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This article lists the approved campus specific emails that you may receive a training notification from. These emails are verified and are not spam.

Contact List

Campus Campus Email
Bakersfield [email protected] 
Chancellor's Office [email protected] 
Channel Islands training.developmen[email protected] 
Chico  [email protected] 
Dominguez Hills [email protected] 
East Bay [email protected] 
Fresno [email protected] 
Fullerton [email protected] 
Humboldt [email protected] 
Long Beach [email protected] 
Los Angeles [email protected] 
Maritime [email protected] 
Monterey Bay [email protected] 
Northridge [email protected] 
Pomona [email protected] 
Sacramento [email protected] 
San Bernardino [email protected] 
San Diego [email protected] 
San Francisco [email protected] 
San Jose [email protected] 
San Luis Obispo [email protected] 
San Marcos [email protected] 
Sonoma [email protected] 
Stanislaus [email protected] 

Go to Campus Contacts Article for a list of campus support emails. You can find your campus email if you need technical assistance.

This concludes the list of approved campus emails.

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